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Root Canals in Orem, UT

Good oral health is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, and good teeth are the key to achieving that goal through good nutrition. Being able to chew foods thoroughly is essential to the digestive processes for health and nutrition. On the other hand, when teeth begin to hurt, the quality of life experienced declines dramatically.

At times, severe tooth pain may be experienced when decay reaches the root and nerve of the tooth and infects the surrounding tissue. When this occurs a dentist may use a procedure called a root canal to alleviate the pain and save the structure of the tooth.

What is a root canal?

Orem Root canal treatment

A root canal is a method used by a dentist to reconstruct a tooth that is severely decayed, infected or even abscessed at the tooth root or in the tissues around the tooth nerve. To save the tooth and prevent further infection, a root canal is performed by removing the nerve and pulp inside of the tooth, then cleaned, disinfected, filled with a soft rubber material and sealed. A cap, crown or filling is placed over the top of the tooth to ensure the stability of the structure of the tooth.

Why is a root canal important?

A root canal instantly alleviates the pain of the infected nerve and saves the tooth from being completely lost. Saving the tooth and reconstructing it through the procedure of a root canal is less invasive and far less expensive than losing the tooth and replacing it with dental implants or dentures. Furthermore, without the treatment of a root canal, the infected root tissue surrounding the tooth can lead to possible abscesses and severe pain. If left untreated, infection could spread throughout the entire body through the blood stream.

A root canal immediately alleviates the pain of the inflamed nerve and sterilizes the tissues surrounding the nerve and root of the tooth.

What are the symptoms of a root canal?

Dental attention may be needed for a root canal if there are any signs or symptoms which include the following:

-Swelling around the face and neck,

-A hole in your tooth

-Toothache or tooth pain

-Gum swelling

-Temperature sensitivity within the tooth

How does a root canal work?

A root canal procedure includes removing the infected pulp inside of the tooth, which is then carefully cleaned and disinfected. Next, the inner tooth is filled with a sealer paste and rubber compound to keep the tooth stable and seal out any particles from reaching inside. And lastly, a crown, cap or filling is used to strengthen and protect the structure of the tooth.

What should I expect when I see a dentist for root canal?

A root canal is most commonly accomplished in 2 visits. A dentist will administer a local anesthetic to control pain—especially if the tooth is abscessed. The pain will be alleviated within the first visit and a follow-up visit is necessary to ensure the infection has cleared and to cap or crown the tooth.

Do you need a Root Canal or would like to learn more about the procedure? Then call Rogers Family Dental in Orem, UT at (801) 225-7712 for more information!

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